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Our Mission

Provide a Voice:

Parents are heard at the individual school level through Local School Councils (LSC) and Parent Teach Associations (PTA). But when it comes to district level decisions, parent voices are not collectively present.
This organization seeks to change that by bringing voices together on issues that matter.



We promote issues of importance to CPS families that directly result in stability and accountability in the most essential service our city delivers, public education. 


Maintain Independence

We are proud to be parent-run and parent-funded. Other parent-focused organizations have lost sight of the constituents they serve after taking outside money. We are committed to not following that path.  

About Us

The Chicago Parents Collective (CPC) is a parent-run grassroots organization promoting kids first policies to advance quality educational and social development within all Chicago Public Schools.


We Believe…

each CPS parent has their student’s best interest at heart. And what parents want from their school and for their kids may be different, and that is ok.

We Seek…

engagement through listening, learning and collaborating with those with differing opinions and backgrounds. Only then can we promote what is best for kids, not outside interest groups.

We Care…

about the school community. Empathy is lacking in today’s environment of zero-sum political fights. The only way our schools are successful is through cooperation and mutual respect. District leaders, administrators, teachers and parents must work together to solve the most complex challenges. Disagree, but do so in a way that students would be proud to emulate. 

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